VIAJE™ COMBAT BLEND Pure Essential Oil 8 OZ

VIAJE™ COMBAT BLEND Pure Essential Oil 8 OZ

  • 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade

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This will last approx. 157 hrs. on HIGH for MOLD REMEDIATION.


Here's what Dr Close says about our Combat Blend test results 11/7/2019:

Based on the results of this field test and comparison with the case studies reported in Nature’s Mold Rx, the Non-Toxic Solution to Toxic Mold, (Close, ER and JA, 2007), we can conclude that Diffuser World’s Combat blend of essential oils, used in accordance with the “Close Protocol” has proved to be as effective as Young Living Thieves® blend in the elimination of mold from a heavily infested building. 

Edward R. Close, PhD,

Professional Environmental Engineer

EJC Advantage, LLC

About the Combat Blend:

All five essential oils in this blend are powerful immune-system supporters and protect against environmental threats such as mold and mildew. This immune boost essential oil blend has been documented for anti-infectious, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and antiseptic properties, while strengthening all of the major systems of the body, including the respiratory system. The potency of pure essential oils reveals a non-toxic and natural method of fighting mold. Mold growth and exposure may be inhibited with these natural plant compounds. Dr. Edward Close, PHD claims there are numerous studies showing the effectiveness of certain essential oils assisting in mold and fungus issues, as well as supporting immune function to aid in recovery from toxic mold exposure.

  •         Essential oils for colds aid against sickness: headaches, bronchitis, cold, flu, strep throat, etc.
  •         Boosts immunity
  •               Soothes tooth aches, ear aches, cold sores, sore throat, bee stings, joint pain
  •         Treats acne, fungal skin, toe infections
  •         Kills toxic mold and mildew
  •         Household sanitizer, disinfectant, degreaser, air freshener
  •         Highly effective against airborne bacteria, viruses, and germs

Combat Blend Ingredients:

Viaje™ Clove Leaf 100% Pure Essential Oil
Viaje™ Lemon 100% Pure Essential Oil
Viaje™ Eucalyptus 100% Pure Essential Oil
Viaje™ Rosemary 100% Pure Essential Oil
Viaje™ Cinnamon Leaf 100% Pure Essential Oil

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