VIAJE™ Essential Oil 15 ml Clean Kitchen 3 pack

VIAJE™ Essential Oil 15 ml Clean Kitchen 3 pack

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It’s the heart of the home, the place where everyone seems to gather: the kitchen.

Aside from the obvious need to keep the kitchen clean for food-prep sanitation, it’s super important with all of the family constantly coming and going to be sure that the tables, counters, and floors aren’t a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs.  That said, it’s equally important to be sure that what I use to get rid of the “bad guys” isn’t some sort of toxic cleaner that might actually make things worse!  The Clean Kitchen Blend includes three powerful (anti-microbial) oils for cleaning and diffusing in the kitchen. 

Clean Kitchen Three Pack Includes:

1- Viaje™ Lemon 100% PureEssential Oil 15ml
1- Viaje™ Rosemary 100% Pure Essential Oil 15ml 
1- Viaje™ Oregano 100% Pure Essential Oil 15ml
1-Clean Kitchen Essential Oil Diffuser Recipe Card

New Diffuser Blend - Clean Kitchen Blend

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