Sunburn Relief With Essential Oils

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Sunburn Relief With Essential Oils

A sunburn can be very painful. Use of essential oils for sunburn helps to treat them naturally while keeping your skin flawless, glowing, and supple. Therapeutic essential oils help to improve the skin quality as they contain anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties.

In an attempt to get relief from sunburn quickly, people don’t hesitate to use cosmetics like creams, salves, and lotions, as well as undergo certain medical and chemical procedures, but these can have many side effects. Therefore, a natural and safe cure is to use essential oils for sunburn. Many of these oils contain cooling properties, they offer you immediate relief from sunburn. These essential oils hydrate your skin and make it look healthy and glowing.

Best Essential Oils for Sunburn Relief:

Lavender essential oil is known to be a great healer for all kinds of skin ailments such as bug bites, itching, stretch marks and more. It is also perfect for sunburns. It calms the skin and helps it heal faster than aloe vera gel alone.

Lavender Essential Oil also reduces the amount of peeling and itching you will suffer after a sunburn if you apply immediately. Frequent use can also reduce the amount of scarring.

Peppermint Essential Oil is an instant soother. It helps stop your skin from continuing to burn. But it also has an instant cooling effect that helps your skin from hurting. It penetrates and soothes the pain.

Together, the lavender essential oil and peppermint essential oil make a great team by:

  • Stopping the excessive pain from the sunburn.
  • Stopping the burning.
  • Offering an instant cooling effect.
  • Soothing and moisturizing.
  • Leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and much happier.
  • Reducing the chance of peeling and itching later.
  • Allowing the sunburn to turn into a tan instead of peeling.

Sunburn Relief Gel:

After you add the Aloe Vera Gel into the jar then you will add 15 drops of pure Lavender Essential Oil. Add 15 drops of Pure Peppermint Essential Oil. With a stick or back end of a spoon stir until the oils and aloe vera are mixed well. It will turn your Aloe Vera slightly cloudy. Then Seal the lid and it is ready to use!

Benefits of Sunburn Relief Gel with Essential Oils:

Apply the Sunburn Relief Gel after you have spent time in the sun. It will help to condition your skin. It is especially important to apply instantly after sunbur, then continue to apply every few hours or whenever the sunburn is causing pain, feels dry, or itches. Not only will your skin look and feel amazing, but it will also smell amazing! It is very light and refreshing. Store the sealed jars in a cupboard away from sunlight. For extra soothing, store in the refridgerator.

  • Soaks into the skin fast
  • Doesn’t leave a greasy residue
  • Instantly soothes the skin
  • Smooths and softens
  • Instantly calms burning pain from the sunburn
  • Three simple ingredients
  • Fast and easy to make
  • Make a cute gift

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