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Aroma-Sidekick™ Portable Bundle
$21.00 $17.50
Aroma-Cap Evaporative Diffuser (3 Pack)
$10.99 $8.98
Aroma-Infinity™ Essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser
Aroma-Express™ Essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser
Aroma-Express™ Bundle with a 15ml Diffuser Cleaner and a USB Car Adapter
$89.98 $83.48
Aroma-Express rechargeable batterys 4pk
Aroma-On-The-Go Car/RV Diffuser
Aroma-Accents™  Locket and Chain
Rechargeable Battery, AROMA INFINITY-V1 (2
Rechargeable Battery, AROMA INFINITY-V2 (2 1/2
Aroma-USB Diffuser
The Aroma-USB diffuser works in the car, office, or in any USB outlet
Aroma Pearls™
Scent Ball Home Essential Oil Diffuser 110V US WHITE
The Scent Ball Diffuser is a plug and play accessory for immediate scenting in any moderate sized space.
SpaScenter Home Essential Oil Diffuser 12V US - BEIGE
The SpaScenter provides an efficient diffusion of essential oils.
SpaScenter Refill Pads (10 Pack)
10 reusable essential oil aroma pads.
Refill Pads for Aroma-Sidekick - Set of 2
Traveler Essential Oil Car Diffuser Refill Pads
Refill pads for Traveler
-For common questions, refer to our FAQ page. 

-To conserve essential oils, we suggest blending with a carrier oil. (see options)

-Watch our Myth Busters Series to bust common myths about atomizing


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