New Product - Aroma-Express Atomizing Diffuser

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New Product - Aroma-Express Atomizing Diffuser
The NEW Aroma-Express is a handy mug-sized atomizing diffuser. Cold-air diffusion disperses the essential oils into the air on a molecular level, allowing the molecules to be bio-available. Oils are not damaged by HEAT or WATER. Portability is a breeze with rechargeable batteries and a USB cable. Multiple digital timer options put you in control of the oil and aroma output. Included is an AC power adapter, batteries (NiMh), wall plug, and USB cable. So take the Aroma-Express on the road, to your office, to your hotel, or on a cruise for aromatherapy everywhere. One year warranty.

Aroma-Express Essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser  Aroma-Express Getting Started

Rechargeable Battery Pack NiMh (only)
USB Cable
Wall Plug

Patented Advanced Cold Air Diffusion Technology
Holds 15 ml Essential Oil Bottles 
Digital Timer with Multiple Intermittent Selections 
Quiet, Portable, and Self-Contained
Polypropylene Casing
Electric Power with Rechargeable Battery
Innovative & Modern Design
Micro-Fine Vapor Reaches Over 600 Square Feet
Universal USB Wire for Use in any Country
Battery will Run 8 Hours on Maximum and 12 Hours on Intermittent
International Plug Voltage 100V-240V


2.8” diam. X 4.7” high

14 oz

5V – 1A

Four Rechargeable Batteries NiMh (only)
USB Cable

Wall Plug

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