Mold Fighting Aroma-Ace™ Bundle  (+30 ml Atomizer, 30 ml Bottles/Lids 3-PK, Premixed Combat Blend 8 oz)
Mold Fighting Aroma-Ace™ Bundle (+30 ml Atomizer, 30 ml Bottles/Lids 3-PK, Premixed Combat Blend 8 oz)

Mold Fighting Aroma-Ace™ Bundle (+30 ml Atomizer, 30 ml Bottles/Lids 3-PK, Premixed Combat Blend 8 oz)

  • Coverage: 1000 to 1500 sq ft
  • Power Source: Wall Plug
  • Warranty: Five Year - Registration Required
  • Common Uses: Fighting Mold, airborne viruses, bacteria, mold, pests, and odors; as well as for respiratory therapy, mood enhancement, relaxation, well being, air purification and more.
  • Accessories Included: Two 15ml Atomizers, One 30ml Atomizer, Three 30ml Oil Bottles and Lids, 240ml Pemixed Combat Blend

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Additional Accessories Available
Nature's Mold Rx, the Non-Toxic Solution to Toxic Mold by Edward Close, PhD and Jacquelyn Close, RA [+$25.50]
Aroma-Silencer [+$9.99]
Aroma-Ace™ Atomizer Attachment 30ml (3 Pack) [+$44.99]
Replacement Aroma-Ace Straw 30ml [+$1.50]
Pipette Plastic Dropper (10 Pack) [+$2.98]

The Mold Fighting Aroma-Ace™ Bundle is the perfect storm against toxic mold and mildew. It's been proven that diffusing pure essential oils with a COLD AIR DIFFUSER is the best solution to address mold in buildings. To date thousands of people have testified that their life has been saved or made better with this process. For MOLD REMEDIATION, the Aroma-Ace diffuses approx. 1.3 to 1.5 ml per hr on HIGH continuous setting. (Our Mold Fighting Bundle is only available for North America)

Mold Fighting Aroma-Ace™ Bundle Includes:

                                 -110V Aroma-Ace™ Atomizing Diffuser with Two 15 ml Atomizers

The Aroma-Ace is the #1 choice for therapeutic and lifestyle aromatherapy. The Aroma-Ace uses our unique, powerful, and patented cold diffusion™ technology to preserve the natural essence and complete therapeutic benefits of essential oils by effectively transforming them into a micro fine vapor without the use of heat or water. These micro particles permeate the air and may remain suspended for hours, fully intact, with all of their NATURAL defenses against airborne viruses, bacteria, mold, pests and odors. The Aroma-Ace is durable, effective, simple to use, backed by a five-year warranty (registration required) and made in the USA.  Read more about the Aroma-Ace.

-30 ML Atomizer Attachment

The 'Quick Change' Aroma-Ace 30 ml Atomizer Attachment doubles the oil capacity which is important when fighting mold.

-30 ML Bottles with Lids and Reducers (3 Pack)

Having extra 30 ml aromatherapy bottles on hand while fighting mold is convenient. You can pre-fill all three with the Combat Blend XL so they’ll be ready to attach to the atomizers when needed. (Boston Round, Cobalt Blue 30 ml (1 oz) 18/400 Thread Count).

-Premixed Combat Diffuser Blend XL 8 OZ

COMPARE TO THIEVES...BEST FOR MOLD and IMMUNE SUPPORT! For those in need of large amounts of the Combat Diffuser Blend, we've PREMIXED it into a LARGE 240 ML / 8 OZ BOTTLE for your convenience and to save you money. If you're fighting mold or mildew and need to run this blend for several hours straight, this is option is for you! 

The 8 oz Viaje™  Combat Blend will last approx. 157 hrs. diffusing on high continuously for Mold Remediation. 

(Calculation based on Aroma-Ace diffusing 1.5 ml per hr.)


Here's what Dr Close says about our Combat Blend test results 11/7/2019:

“Based on the results of this field test and comparison with the case studies reported in Nature’s Mold Rx, the Non-Toxic Solution to Toxic Mold, (Close, ER and JA, 2007), we can conclude that Diffuser World’s Combat blend of essential oils, used in accordance with the “Close Protocol” has proved to be as effective as Young Living Thieves® blend in the elimination of mold from a heavily infested building.“


Edward R. Close, PhD,

Professional Environmental Engineer

EJC Advantage, LLC


About the Combat Blend:

All five essential oils in this blend are powerful immune-system supporters and protect against environmental threats such as mold and mildew. The potency of pure essential oils reveals a non-toxic and natural method of fighting mold. Mold growth and exposure may be inhibited with these natural plant compounds. In 2007, Dr Close co-authored the book: Nature’s Mold Rx, the Non-Toxic Solution to Toxic Mold in which he detailed 20 Case Studies for an innovative, leading edge methodology for preventing and remediating mold. In 2019, Dr Close tested the COMBAT BLEND and found this proprietary blend of essential oils to remediate mold.  

Combat Blend Ingredients:

Viaje™ Clove Leaf 100% Pure Essential Oil

Viaje™ Lemon 100% Pure Essential Oil

Viaje™ Eucalyptus 100% Pure Essential Oil

Viaje™ Rosemary 100% Pure Essential Oil

Viaje™ Cinnamon Leaf 100% Pure Essential Oil

Mold Remediation FAQ

Can I use bleach or anti-fungal agent to get rid of mold?

·         Many of these products, including bleach are toxic chemicals that are themselves harmful to human health.

·         Standard anti-fungal agents may kill mold, but they will not rid the area completely of mold, especially if you have porous surfaces. And standard treatments leave behind dead mold spores, which can also cause problems in the human body. But worse, because they are designed to dissipate rapidly, mold returns quickly after these treatments.

·         Bleach is 94-97% water. And water is the key ingredient necessary for mold growth. Most experts know that using bleach results in a rebound of mold growth, normally within as little as 24 hrs.

What essential oils have been tested to remediate Mold?

Since 2005, the only essential oil that has been tested and found effective over and over again was EOB2. However, November 2019, Dr Ed Close tested one other essential oil called COMBAT BLEND sold only by Diffuser World. The great news is the COMBAT BLEND been tested and proven to remediate mold, it’s also available in 15 ml, 30 ml, and 8 oz bottles. This allows longer time of diffusion before changing bottles. Also, the COMBAT BLEND is significantly lower price in comparison to EOB2 which allows a more cost-effective treatment option. 

What diffuser should I use to Remediate Mold?

There are two diffusers recommended by Dr Close: Aroma-Ace and Aroma-Breeze. These diffusers do not use water, but more importantly they break the essential oil molecules down small enough for the proper atomization for Mold Remediation. These two diffusers provide the sufficient amount of essential oil to reduce or eliminate mold spores in the air and on surfaces. Some have asked about the AromaLux, but that is not recommended by Dr Close because it does not get the proper particle size atomization.

How many diffusers do I need? Can I use one diffuser and just move it to the different rooms in my home? Or is it required to use several diffusers and do the whole house at once?

It is more effective to diffuse the whole house at the same time with multiple diffusers, but, because of the residual effect, it's not necessary. I've seen excellent results using just one diffuser and moving it from room to room.


To remediate all at once, each diffuser covers roughly 1,000 sq ft of open space. So, if you have several bedrooms, you may need multiply diffusers to cover the space since the space is divided by walls. Place a diffuser in a hall way projecting into several rooms with doors open. If it’s a large space like a master bedroom, you may need one diffuser designated just for that space.

 Where do I place the diffuser?

It is suggested that you place the diffuser at counter-top level in the center of a room to facilitate dispersion of the micro-mist of oil throughout the space. If your room is greater than 1,000 sq ft or has ceilings higher than 10 ft, then use two diffusers for that space. Divide the space in half and place them opposite each other in the center of each half. Example of 1,200 sq ft home might need one for the living room/kitchen since it’s open. One in the master bedroom and one in the hallway directed to the other two bedrooms.

How often do I need to refill the Essential Oil bottles?

Diffuser World’s Aroma-Ace and Aroma-Breeze will diffuse about 1.25 – 1.5 ml per hour.

·         A 15 ml bottle would last approx. 10-12 hrs

·         A 30 ml bottle would last approx. 20-24 hrs

What settings do I need to run the diffuser on?

It’s important that you run the diffuser on the highest setting CONTINUOUSLY for a minimum of 24-72 hr.

Does the Essential Oil damage my furniture?

Essential oils can damage finishes on fine furniture because oils break down hydrocarbons. Most furniture finishes contain hydrocarbons. Therefore, if you are placing the diffuser on a piece of furniture that you wish to protect, we strongly urge you to put a glass plate under the diffuser to prevent spills from damaging the furniture finish. We also recommend that you clean up any spills immediately.

Do the Essential Oils leave a deposit on the furniture?

We have found that when diffusing in the same space for 10 years or more and doing that several days each week will leave noticeable traces on furniture, walls, counter tops, draperies or other items in the near vicinity so long as the diffuser is pointed into the room and away from other items. If, however, you leave a diffuser in the same spot for several months or several years and run it for the Close PROTOCOL, you may notice a slight discoloration on whatever the diffuser is sitting. For long term diffusing we suggest that you place the diffuser on something that is not precious or irreplaceable. You can always place a glass or plastic plate underneath the diffuser to protect your furniture surface. And again, always clean up any spills of oil immediately.

Can I stay in the room with the diffuser?

We have no way to determine how oils will affect a particular individual. Please remember that each person is a unique individual, with different body types, different blood types, and different chemistries.

For your safety, we strongly urge you to limit your time in rooms where the diffuser is operating at maximum output to no more than 15 to 30 minutes at a time.

The oils are detoxing, and they will start to break down toxins stored in your body any time you are exposed to them, and especially if exposed for longer periods of time.

 How will I know if I need to move to another room?

You might taste the oil, as though you had taken it in your mouth, or you might feel a tickly in the back of your throat, or a headache, or a slight dizziness, or you might feel like you’re coming down with the flu or something along those lines.

If this happens, move to another room and drink at least 8 ounces of purified water right away. If you or your pet exhibits distress, we suggest eating some bread and butter, or yogurt, or a spoonful of honey, or drink whole fat milk, or almond or soy milk. If after doing that, you are still having problems, turn off the diffuser and contact medical professional or a vet for pets.

Can my pet remain in the home while running the Mold PROTOCOL?

We recommend moving pets to another room before running diffuser. Generally, oils will not hurt your pets, however, exposures for longer than 15-30 minutes can affect them the same way it does humans. And just as with humans, each pet responds in their own individual way.

If your pets are exposed to the oils and are exhibiting strange behavior, move them to another room, and follow the procedures outlined below.

What do I do if me or my pets have been overexposed to essential oils?

Whole fats reduce the action of essential oils. You and your pets should return to feeling normal with 15-20 minutes after consuming whole fats, if it is the essential oils that are affecting behaviors. If you or your pet does not return to normal behavior in 30 minutes after consuming the fats, the contact your health professional or a local Vet.

What does "cleaning" in step 4 exactly mean?


Step #4 in the 10-step PROTOCOL as on pp. 162 and 168 in the book, occurs after diffusing and a second round of sampling. So, cleaning depends on the after-diffusing sampling results, - and on the specifics of the situation. If the infestation is light to moderate, say less than 2 times outdoor baseline, cleaning visible mold areas should suffice. If the infestation was heavy, and the after samples show some toxic mold remaining, it usually means there is another, untreated source. Or if the occupants are super-sensitive to mold, then the protocol says diffuse again. I would rarely suggest cleaning every surface in the entire house, because due to the residual effect, it should not be necessary, but ultimately, that's up to the client.


How often after the initial PROTOCOL should I follow up with maintenance?

One of the most important findings of Dr Close’s tests was that essential oils have a residual effect, meaning they continue eliminating mold spores for up to 3-5 months after initial diffusing when the Close PROTOCOL is followed. And the Protocol he designed has worked every single time Dr Close has used it. Therefore, you could start a maintenance 3-5 months later which would prevent mold from growing.

 What options do I have for a maintenance to prevent mold from growing?

1.      Diffuser Combat Blend 15-30 minutes a day-

2.      Diffuser Combat Blend 8-10 hrs once each week-

3.      Diffuser Combat Blend 24 hrs once a month-

Diffuse in each room using the same settings as PROTOCOL on HIGH CONTINUOUS

Enzymes vs. Essential Oils?


In my opinion, essential oils are more effective than enzyme cleaners, Enzymes compete with mold for their food, and certain enzymes will also attack mold colonies, similar to way a mild bleach does, but the EO PROTOCOL is more effective than enzymes, because it's stronger, and because of the residual effect.


We received mold sampling which shows Candida. Would the Combat blend remediate Candida?


Yes, Combat should be effective in eliminating candida from the air and surfaces. Health problems from candida overgrowth in the digestive tract is more difficult to deal with because some candida in the digestive tract is normal. It is "overgrowth" or dominance that's the problem. But in the outer environment, candida is digested by the Thieves protocol, and I am confident that the Combat blend will be effective on it also.


Does the Combat blend remediate Wallemia Sebi and Aspergillus Penicillioides species of mold?

The only time I’ve ever seen these two species has been in ERMI sampling reports. The reason is because they are species that can grow with less moisture than most mold species, and ERMI samples are usually composite dry dust samples collected by vacuum. ERMI is a broad-brush method designed to compare the residence being sampled with homes in an EPA-funded study to determine whether there is a mold problem. ERMI sampling is not very useful for designing a remediation protocol by itself, but can be helpful when combined with air samples. I’ve written articles about this, and they are probably in the archives of our MoldRX4u website. Exposure to Wallemia sebi is not known to cause serious health problems, but can exacerbate sinus infections. Aspergillus penicillioides can cause problems for asthma sufferers, and if it is present in higher concentrations than the other Aspergillus species in samples, I recommend following up with lemongrass just to be safe. I hasten to add that these two species are generally not of much concern unless they show up in high concentration in air samples for severely immune-suppressed individuals.

What does Dr. Close recommend?

Dr Close strongly recommends diffusing the EOB2 or COMBAT BLEND and using The Close Protocol for Remediating Mold in Buildings. This approach has proven over and over again in tests conducted since 2005, and verified by EPA approved independent laboratories, to be the best option for eliminating mold both in the air and on surfaces. And testing has also shown that diffusing the recommended essential oils provides a residual effect that can last at least 3-5 months. This residual effect is not available with any other known option available today.


Best Value!
When we compared this to Theives (at $48 for a 15ml bottle), and how many bottles we'd need to run to get on top of our severe mold situation, we realized that this is an excellent deal! An 8 ounce bottle of a comparable blend for less than half the price. This bundle meets our needs perfectly.
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Reviewed by:  from Utah. on 11/26/2018
Thank you.
We received our diffuser and couldn’t be happier! I love the three functions it provides as it allows me to set the time for running, reset and output. This diffuser allows the purity/properties and potency of essential oils to be more useful and not go to waste. I am comfortable setting the diffuser to a specific output and running time and know that I won’t use up a whole bottle yet still have my son benefit from the oils that I am using. I had read about the value in quality of this diffuser and am so grateful and thankful that our family is able to benefit from it now. I will also be using it in a room that some produce was left in and went bad to cleanse the air. Thank you again!!!!
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Reviewed by:  from Minnesota . on 4/18/2019
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