Lavender Essential Oil Foaming Hand Soap

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Lavender Essential Oil Foaming Hand Soap
2 tbs unscented castile soap
2 tsp fractionated coconut oil

Mix together in a foaming soap container then add water to fill.

Castile soap is a natural liquid or hard soap made from vegetable oils. The first Castile soaps were made with the local olive oil and contained no tallow, or rendered animal fats, like most contemporary soaps. Castile soap contains only vegetable-based ingredients, often produced organically and sourced using fair trade principles. Castile soap provides a clean, fluffy lather in both hard and soft water. Potassium hydroxide converts the oils into soap and glycerine, thus requiring less water for a lather than traditional liquid soap.

Fractionated coconut oil is a fraction of coconut oil. Fractionated coconut oil is a fraction of the coconut oil from which almost all the long chain triglycerides are removed, thus leaving mainly the medium-chain triglycerides and making it an absolutely saturated oil. This saturation gives it a very, very long shelf life and greatly increased stability. In addition, fractionating raises the comparative concentration of Capric acid and Caprylic acid, thus giving it more of antioxidant and disinfecting effect. Hydrolysis of coconut oil is first carried out. Then, the product is passed through steam distillation to obtain the fractionated coconut oil. The result is a thin oil full of medium-chain triglycerides. 

Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) is the most versatile of all essential oils. Most commonly known for its relaxing effects on the body, therapeutic-grade lavender has been highly regarded for the skin. It may be used to cleanse cuts, bruises and skin irritations. The fragrance is calming, relaxing and balancing – physically and emotionally. Carrying a bottle of lavender around with you is like having your own personal first aid kit, perfume and pick-me-up. Rub 2-3 drops of lavender oil in your cupped palms, then use the inhalation method to draw the scent all the way into your amygdala gland (the emotional warehouse) in your brain to calm the mind. Then, rub on the feet, temples, wrists (or anywhere) for an immediate calming effect on the body.
Some of the most common lavender uses include:

Used as a Sleep aid
Stops itching and swelling of bee sting / Insect bite
Relieves minor burns
Eczema / Dermatitis
Alleviates nausea or motion sickness
Helps to stop nosebleeds
Relieves dry or chapped skin
Hay fever.

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