Hot Apple Cider Plus Nine More Holiday Diffuser Blends

Hot Apple Cider Plus Nine More Holiday Diffuser Blends

Nothing beats filling your home with the scents of the season like evergreens, peppermint, gingerbread cookies and spiced cider. Even if you can’t have the real thing, simply adding a few drops of essential oils to your essential oil diffuser will do the trick. If you don’t already have an essential oil diffuser, you can check out our abundant selection here.

The following are 10 of our favorite holiday diffuser blends that will warm up your home this winter!

Spice Blends

The warm, spicy, aromas of Cloves, Cassia and Cinnamon dominate the following five blends. Keep in mind that once you use these potent base notes in your diffuser, it may take some time (and / or vigorous cleaning) for the scent to wear off. 

1. Hot Apple Cider

Without having access to an apple-scented essential oil, making a blend that smelled like spiced cider was challenging. However, this one does the trick. The hint of Sweet Orange is just enough fruit to present the olfactory illusion of apples without making the blend smell too citrusy.

5 parts Sweet Orange Essential Oil

2 parts Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

2 parts Ginger Essential Oil

2. Warm & Toasty

This blend reminds me of drinking warm spiced Chai with a pinch of orange zest grated over the top. Despite being a potent top note, the Sweet Orange is surprisingly understated in this blend – taking a backseat to the Cardamom and behaving more like a middle.

3 parts Cardamom Essential Oil

1 part Sweet Orange Essential Oil

1 part Clove Leaf Essential Oil

1 (more) part Sweet Orange Essential Oil

3. Gingerbread Cookie

If you don’t have Allspice  Essential Oiland are feeling adventurous, try using 1 part of Black Pepper Essential Oil instead. This gives the blend a more traditional spicy gingerbread aroma. You can also substitute Nutmeg Essential Oil in place of Allspice to give the blend a sweeter, more mellow fragrance.

1 parts Cassia Essential Oil

3 parts Ginger Essential Oil

1 part Clove Essential Oil

1 part Allspice Essential Oil

4. Candy Cane

Candy Cane is a sugary sweet treat for your nose. If you don’t have Cassia Essential Oil, you can substitute Cinnamon bark Essential Oil instead. However, Cassia gives the blend a more candy-like aroma.

1 part Spearmint Essential Oil

1 part Cassia Essential Oil

3 parts Peppermint Essential Oil

5. Holiday Cheer

It is worth noting that the first time I mixed Holiday Cheer, I used only one drop of Ginger Essential Oil as the second ingredient, then added a second drop at the end because it seemed like it needed it. The second time, I added both parts of Ginger  Essential Oil together and the blend didn’t smell the same. You may want to experiment with this to see if the scent changes for you as well and which one you prefer.

2 parts Sweet Orange Essential Oil

2 parts Ginger Essential Oil

1 part Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

1 part Pine Essential Oil

Non-Spice Blends

For those of you who love the holiday season, but have had your fill of cinnamon-saturated department store and supermarket air – this section is just for you. Here are five of my favorite winter blends which contain absolutely no cinnamon or cinnamon-like oils.

6. Long Winter’s Night

The Fir Needle in this blend gives off a pleasant piney aroma and Cedarwood adds an earthy undertone, but neither is overpowering. The Frankincense and Rosemary also harmonize quite nicely with the other two oils, making this a crisp and refreshing blend that creates a pleasant background aroma for entertaining guests.

2 parts Fir Needle Essential Oil

1 part Cedarwood Essential Oil

1 – 2 parts Frankincense Essential Oil

1 part Rosemary Essential Oil

7. Away In A Manger

This blend of sweet, citrus and earthy aromas is a Christmas tribute to Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar – the Three Magi who brought gifts to Jesus at the time of his birth. Give it a try. We’re sure you’ll adore it!

2 parts Sweet Orange Essential Oil

2 parts Frankincense Essential Oil

2 parts Myrrh Essential Oil

8. Frosty Boughs

This combination of evergreen and mint oils is energizing and refreshing. For a more minty aroma, add only 1 part of Fir Needle Essential Oil instead of two. If you prefer the scent of pine, try using 1 part of Spearmint Essential Oil and 2 drops of Fir Needle Essential OilFrosty Boughs works well in any of these combinations!

1 part Peppermint Essential Oil

2 parts Spearmint Essential Oil

1 part Cedarwood Essential Oil

2 parts Fir Needle Essential Oil

9. Christmas Tree

This blend was the happy result of reaching for the Cedarwood  Essential Oiland accidentally picking up Patchouli  Essential Oilinstead. More earthy and less woody, Patchouli Essential Oil actually makes Christmas Tree smell more like a real evergreen forest than it did when using Cedarwood Essential Oil as the base.

2 – 3 parts Fir Needle Essential Oil

1 part Patchouli Essential Oil

2 – 3 parts Pine Essential Oil

Depending on the strength of your Patchouli, you may want to add more Fir Needle and Pine to balance out the blend.

10. Solstice Sunrise

Named for its energizing properties and for the colors of the fruits from which the included oils are distilled, this blend fills the room with a clean and refreshing aroma!

1 part Lemon Essential Oil

1 part Sweet Orange Essential Oil

1 part Grapefruit Essential Oil

2 parts Frankincense Essential Oil

2 parts Spearmint Essential Oil

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