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DIY Scented Sachets

Posted by on 6/16/2016 to DIY Ideas with Essential Oils

DIY Scented Sachets

With scented sachets, it’s easy to keep your clothes and home smelling like your favorite essential oils rather than commercial scents. They help freshen your closets, drawers, gym bags, sneakers, suitcases, trash cans, vehicles, and so on. They also make great gifts!

Just add several drops of essential oil to a handful of Aroma-Pearls. Rub around a little and let them dry or pat dry with a cloth. Put the scented pearls in any sachet bag and you’re done! Reapply as often as needed. The highly absorbent and reusable natural clay Aroma-Pearls will hold the scent for several days.

Oils and Blends

Lavender oil is probably the top oil used for sachets. Next are many of the other flower oils. The medicinal and herbal scents are mostly used for bath sachets. Your favorite oil or blend is always a great plan. If you don’t have a signature scent or if you are wanting to make some fun ones for gifts, below are some possible ideas for blends. Also, if you have a favorite diffusion or massage blend from another source, by all means use that.

Sassy Spice Blend

·        20 drops Cinnamon Bark

·        15 drops Clove Bud

·        10 drops Red Mandarin

·        5 drops Nutmeg

For Alertness

·        20 drops Peppermint

·        18 drops Lime

·        11 drops Rosemary  


·        10 drops Geranium

·        10 drops Sandalwood

·        10 drops Lemon  


·        10 drops Jasmine

·        10 drops Ylang Ylang

·        10 drops Vanilla Extract

·        5 drops Sandalwood

·        5 drops Rose  

Refreshing Herbal

·        10 drops Tea Tree

·        10 drops Eucalyptus Radiata

·        5 drops Lemongrass

·        5 drops Benzoin  

Citrus Blend

·        25 drops Lime

·        15 drops Sweet Orange

·        10 drops Patchouli  


·        12 drops Pine Needles

·        24 drops Balsam of Peru

·        12 drops Cedarwood

·        12 drops Patchouli  

For Stuffy Closets

·        15 drops Eucalyptus Radiata

·        15 drops Lavender

·        15 drops Rosemary  


Tangerine Dream

·        6 drops Roman Chamomile

·        21 drops Lavender

·        27 drops Tangerine  

Aspen Dreams

·        20 drops Rosewood

·        8 drops Cedarwood

·        8 drops Roman Chamomile  

Herb Garden

·        10 drops Sage

·        10 drops Ajowan Seed

·        10 drops Clove Bud

·        5 drops Bay Leaf

·        5 drops Mountain Savory

 Minty Fresh

·        18 drops Eucalyptus Radiata

·        24 drops Rosemary

·        12 drops Peppermint 

Arabian Nights

·        18 drops Coriander

·        18 drops Frankincense

·        12 drops Lime

·        12 drops Rose  

Flowery Escape

·        21 drops Rosewood

·        12 drops Geranium

·        12 drops Jasmine  

Men’s Spice

·        20 drops Bay Rum

·        8 drops Cedarwood

·        8 drops Sandalwood

Reference for blends: www.essentialhealth.com

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