Aroma-Whisper™ and Aroma-Breeze™ Atomizer Attachment (3 Pack)

Aroma-Whisper™ and Aroma-Breeze™ Atomizer Attachment (3 Pack)


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Atomizer Attachments can be purchased in addition to the two you receive when you buy our signature Diffuser World diffusers. Due to so many oil choices that are available to the marketplace, many of our users have found they like to keep oils from touching and not have to change out bottles every time they want to experience the benefits of a different oil. The atomizer attachments give the user flexibility to move between oils quickly and without having to worry about spills. Over time, atomizers may need to be cleaned and having a spare on hand at all times limits any downtime from enjoying your favorite oils. These convenient atomizer attachments and bottles allow quick change flexibility and provide extra oil bottles for those who like to have additional oil storage.
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