Aroma-On-The-Go / Scent Ball / Aroma-USB / REFILL PADS 10/PK

Aroma-On-The-Go / Scent Ball / Aroma-USB / REFILL PADS 10/PK


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Aroma-On-The-Go Car/RV Diffuser [+$9.98]
Scent Ball Diffuser [+$9.98]
Pipette Plastic Dropper 10 Pk [+$2.98]
This convenient 10 pack of car diffuser pads allows you to run 10 different scents without blending oils and provides hours of pleasant aromatherapy. These pressure compressed pads are able to retain pure essential oil liquid for extended periods of time and retain the essential oil's essence. Over time, these pads will harden and should be replaced for best results. Aromatherapy diffuser refill pads are to be used with the Aroma-On-The-Go Car Diffuser, MIO Diffuser, ScentBall Diffuser, and Aroma-USB Diffuser.
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