Aroma-Breeze™ Mini Bundle (Includes 1 Timer, 1 Silencer, Diffuser Cleaner)
Aroma-Breeze™ Mini Bundle (Includes 1 Timer, 1 Silencer, Diffuser Cleaner)

Aroma-Breeze™ Mini Bundle (Includes 1 Timer, 1 Silencer, Diffuser Cleaner)

  • Coverage: 800 to 1000 sq ft
  • Power Source: Wall Plug
  • Warranty: 1 year
Aroma-Breeze Mini Bundle Includes a Timer, Silencer and Diffuser Cleaner 

- Aroma-Breeze Atomizing Diffuser

The Aroma-Breeze™ Atomizing Diffuser is designed with our same patented bottle top atomizer technology as the Aroma-Ace™ and Aroma-Whisper™ to diffuse pure essential oils straight from the bottle. This is a great system for beginning Aromatherapy. The Aroma-Breeze™ uses only cold air and NO heat or water to naturally atomize the essential oils without damaging their molecular structure or powerful therapeutic properties. The Aroma-Breeze™ delivery system emits a micro-fine vapor of pure and natural essential oils that permeate the air. Our patented technology makes the Aroma-Breeze™ powerful and effective while keeping it affordable. The Aroma-Breeze™ is covered by our FULL 1 YEAR WARRANTY and is quality engineered to give years of dependable service. All American made except for the imported cold air pump.

- Aroma-Timer

The 24 Hour Mechanical Timer is hardly noticed and perfect for Aromatherapy diffusers. It is a programmable daily-cycle timer with up to 48 On/Off settings. This timer will work with all Diffuser World products that use an electrical outlet such as the Aroma-Ace, Aroma-Breeze, Aroma-Pro, and the Aroma-Whisper. Set it before you go to sleep and the timer will shut the diffuser off for when you want it to stop. No more wasting oils by having your diffuser run all night. You can also set the timer so that you can wake up to your favorite Essential oil every morning.  

- Aroma Silencer

The new and innovative Aroma-Silencer significantly reduces the noise level of the Aroma-Ace™, Aroma-Whisper™, Aroma-Breeze™, and the Scent Master™. This essential oil diffuser silencer replaces the spout on the top of the atomizer. Be sure to remove the separator sweep inside the atomizer first. Now you're ready to enjoy your diffuser...more quietly! Check out our Diffuser Silencer 3-Pack if you have multiple atomizers.

- Diffuser Cleaner

This Diffuser Cleaner is a high purity, laboratory grade, 99% Isopropyl Alcohol Anhydrous liquid multi-purpose cleaner and solvent. 

Diffuser Cleanser helps get rid of oil clogs, oil build-up, and residue in atomizing diffusers as well as ultrasonic diffusers and is safe to use on plastic. When diffusing essential oils over time, your diffuser will develop an oil buildup that potentially can prevent it from working properly. This Diffuser Cleaner is a more efficient and convenient way to keep your diffuser running in tip-top condition.

To conserve your essential oils, we suggest blending with a carrier oil (see carrier oil options).
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