Room Air Freshener with Essential Oils

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Pet odors, days-old trash, dirty diapers, cooking, the list goes on. There are a number of ways to remove all of these odors from your home. Store bought air fresheners, are among the most commonly used odor eliminators. But do you know the ingredients in that traditional air freshener you may pick up at your local department store? Quite frankly, it’s not pretty to think of all the chemicals that are in these bottles. And to think, when you hit that spray lever you’re ingesting them straight into your body.

Essential oils are the natural, chemical-free aroma freshener

Maybe you’ve heard of essential oils. Maybe not. Either way, essential oils provide more than most people expect. It’s a misconception that these all natural products are designed simply to, “smell nice.”

Sure, they certainly work well as natural fragrances, but they do far more. And the versatility of making your own recipes often becomes a hobby in itself.

In terms of fighting off stinky odors, there are a number of oils to try out. Generally, the more citrusy oils work the best. Lemon, in particular, is the most common essential oil for eliminating bad odors. It’s especially popular among dog and other pet owners. But not only is lemon effective at eliminating undesirable odors, it also delivers a host of therapeutic benefits.

Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

Works as a powerful antioxidant and disinfectant

Supports both the nervous and sympathetic nervous system

Works great as a sanitizer, often used for homemade cleaning products.

Provides healthy soothing benefits that increase energy levels

Frequently added to food to increase flavor of both main dishes and desserts

Offers health benefits for things like indigestion, throat irritation, and respiratory issues

Room Air Freshener with Essential Oils

1 1/2 cups Warm Water
1/2 cup Witch Hazel
2 tablespoons Baking Soda
6 drops Lavender Oil
6 drops Lemon Oil
4 drops Lemongrass Oil
2 drop Cinnamon Oil

Mix all of these oils together in a glass spray bottle and use as needed to make your home smell fresh and clean.  You can mix in more essential oils as needed and you can also mix it up by using different combinations of your favorite essential oils.

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