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Just prior to, and in the year’s following Ersdal’s passing several foot zone training programs sprang up, each making specific claims about their training methods, and contention among practitioners began to develop regarding whose training was the most authentic, or the most complete, etc.

Then came the introduction of Utah HB207, a bill that would allow Foot Zone Therapists in Utah to practice their trade without the requirement of a massage license.  Practitioners from all training programs worked together in an effort to pass HB207.  We were successful, and in May 2014 Governor Gary Herbert signed HB207 into law!

With this law though came the requirement that Foot Zone Therapists belong to an organization that would “certify” that the members had received the proper training to be called a Foot Zone Therapist.  This resulted in the creation of the Utah Foot Zone Association.

The UFZA is committed to unity within the Foot Zone Community, devoted to high educational standards, and encourages continuing education.  For these reasons, UFZA Board members decided to support Stephanie Marcum in organizing the first ever Foot Zone Conference for ALL Foot Zone Practitioners regardless of their Alma Mata!

Our first Foot Zone Conference, held in November 2014, built upon the comradery developed during the passing of HB207 and brought Practitioners of all training programs together for the first time to receive instruction.  Instruction was provided by representatives of many different training programs and Terje Varpe joined us from Norway to represent Dr. Charles Ersdal and Ersdal’s school.

With the 2016 Foot Zone Conference, our goal is to continue building unity among Foot Zone Therapists, provide continuing education, and elevate the image of Foot Zone Therapy within the Holistic Healthcare Industry.

The Foot Zone Community has come a long way and overcome many obstacles since HB207 was introduced in 2014, but there’s still more to do and we need YOUR help!

Please join us at the 2016 Foot Zone Conference, hosted by the Utah Foot Zone Association, and sponsored by Diffuser World Inc.

At this year’s conference you will have the opportunity to:

  • Network and mingle with other Practitioners!
    • the Kick-Off Reception gives you a chance to meet other Practitioners
    • the Networking Luncheon and Dinner allow you to get to know the Practitioners at your table a little better
  • Gain continuing education in the field of Foot Zone Therapy!
    • there are 8 classes over the 2-day conference that directly relate to Foot Zone Therapy and Anatomy & Physiology – the majority of these classes are almost 2 hours long so you can really gain a greater understanding of the topic!
    • there are 5 Complementary Modality classes that are all applicable to Foot Zone Therapists
    • there are 40 Mini-Classes to choose from that are presented by Foot Zone Therapists and relate to the Foot Zone Technique
  • Become better at managing the business aspects of being a Foot Zone Practitioner!
    • we have 6 classes that help you build your business and increase your clientele
  • Enhance your Business and your Zoning Room!
    • the Grand Prize for this year’s conference is a leather, zero-gravity, zoning chair with jade stones and far-infrared heat valued at over $3200!
    • at the Kick-Off Reception we’ll be giving away over 80 prizes valued at more than $15,000!
  • Get a Zone!
    • Friday night we’ll have the opportunity to trade zones with one another (and who couldn’t use a little zone therapy!)
  • Be motivated and entertained!
  • And don’t forget the vendor area!
    • we have a wide variety of vendors joining us at this year’s conference with products and services that can help you and your business!

Please take this opportunity to do your part to support unity within the Foot Zone Community while you increase your knowledge of the Foot Zone Technique and elevate the image of Foot Zone Therapy in the Holistic Healthcare Industry at the same time!

Purchase your conference ticket while Discount Pricing is still available!

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