Itchy Essential Oil Skin Spray For Dogs

Posted by on 8/12/2016 to DIY Ideas
Itchy Essential Oil Skin Spray For Dogs

5 Drops Copaiba Oil
5 Drops Tea Tree Oil
10 Drops Lavender Oil

Mix in a spray bottle with water and 2 tsp almond oil

How To Use Aromatherapy With Your Dog

1. The most popular way to take advantage of aromatherapy is to simply “diffuse” the scent into a room — or your entire house — allowing you and your dog to breathe in the scent naturally.

2. You could also place a drop or 2 of Essential Oil (mixed first with a vegetable oil as a base) directly on your dog’s skin and massage it in — for the fastest results.

How To Use Essential Oils With A Diffuser

With a diffuser, you are combining the Essential Oil with a heat source. Some diffusers are electric. Others require candles. There is also a ring-shaped device that can be put on top of a light bulb. Here’s how to use a diffuser with pets:

Apply a few drops of Essential Oil to the diffuser — the aromatherapy scents will immediately begin to fill the room.
Leave your dog in the room with the diffuser for about 30 minutes, and your dog will breathe in the Essential Oils as they evaporate into the air. Do this twice a day for best effects.

How To Apply Essential Oils By Massage

Before applying to your dog’s skin, always dilute the Essential Oil in a base oil first. You’ll want to combine 2-3 drops of the Essential Oil (or combination of Essential Oils) of your choice with 1 teaspoon of carrier oil. Then, massage gently into a hairless (or least hairy) area of the skin — such as the armpit, groin or inner thigh — for 3 to 4 minutes.

When applying Essential Oils directly on your dog, only apply to areas from the neck down to the tail.
NEVER apply anywhere near the eyes, nose, or face.
And never ever should Essential Oils be given internally to your dog.
Likewise, if at all possible, you want to avoid placing the oil in a spot that your dog could lick.
Do not use Essential Oils on pregnant or seizure-prone dogs without checking with your vet first

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