Calming Essential Oils To Diffuse

Posted by on 6/24/2016 to Essential Oil & Diffusion Education
Calming Essential Oils To Diffuse

Lavender essential oil has a calming scent which makes it an excellent tonic for the nerves and anxiety issues. The refreshing aroma removes nervous exhaustion and restlessness while also increasing mental activity. Lavender is frequently used as a treatment for insomnia.

Vetiver essential oil has a very soothing and cooling effects it calms and pacifies all sorts of inflammation. It is particularly good at providing relief from inflammation in both the circulatory and nervous system.

Chamomile essential oil brings about a sense of calm and peacefulness.

Rose essential oil is widely used in aromatherapy and invokes positive thoughts, spiritual relaxation and feelings of joy, happiness and hope.

Bergamont essential oil flavonoids are very good relaxants. They soothe nerves and reduce nervous tension, anxiety, and stress. They can also stimulate the activity of certain hormones in the body, which induce feelings of relaxation and sedation, like dopamine and serotonin.

Frankincense essential oil is very effective as a sedative, because it induces a feeling of mental peace, relaxation, satisfaction and spirituality. It also awakens insight, makes you more introspective and lowers anxiety, anger and stress. When feeling anxious or if you anticipate some sort of stressful episode, add some frankincense oil to a diffuser or a vaporizer. Frankincense essential oil promotes deep breathing and relaxation, which can open your breathing passages and reduce blood pressure, moving your mental state back to calmness.

Ylang Ylang essential oil provides relief from stress and anxiety. This oil sedates or calms nervous afflictions, stress, anger and anxiety, while inducing a relaxed feeling.

The Aroma-Infinity™ atomizing diffuser is a great difuser to use when wanting to relax with it's built in timers it is very stress free to use. The Aroma-Infinity Diffuser is made with the most advanced diffusion technology available and is packed with features. Cold diffusion disperses the essential oils into the air on a molecular level, allowing the molecules to be bio-available. With this diffuser, oils are not damaged by HEAT or WATER. Features include a digital timer with intermittent options, quiet, portable, coverage reaches over 800 SF, and is self-contained so no leaks. Comes complete with a wall plug, USB cord, rechargeable Li-battery, and 15 ml bottle. One year warranty.

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