About the Scent Master 5000

Posted by on 2/29/2016 to Essential Oil & Diffusion Education
Diffuser World’s Scent Master 5000™ filtering and decontamination technology purifies the air before it enters the atomizer chamber. The Scent Master 5000™ can be used in normal home conditions or larger more demanding areas such as business and recreational spaces. Combined with their most efficient and powerful silent pumps in the industry, Diffuser World has included a fan booster to assist broadcasting of  the diffused oils to much larger spaces (up to 10,000 SF) without increasing oil usage. This means better results for broad use or commercial application. The Scent Master 5000™ makes it possible for industries such as hotel, fitness, spa, concert halls, and medical to provide the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy as well as simply keeping facilities smelling fresh and clean.

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